April 17, 2017


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Beat the Overwhelm – Fabric considerations

So fabrics.  The great thing about fabric is that there are so many options.  The bad thing is that there are SO MANY OPTIONS.  Ultimately, choosing fabric will be a collaborative process between you and the workroom, but here are a few things to think about.  First, is the space’s décor settled or will you be changing it in the future.  If you think you will change, then consider a neutral color that can coordinate with an evolving sense of style.  If you feel like your decorating is complete then it’s time to add the finishing touches.  Here’s a bit of advice.  According to an interior designer we worked with, find one of the minor colors in your bedding or area rug or upholstered fabric and coordinate your curtain fabric with that color.  Doing so will make the minor color more visible and create a beautiful color balance in the space.

Also, when determining your style, take a look around your house, at your furniture, rugs, etc.  Do you have several items which are rustic, have curves or straight lines or does the fabric on your upholstered furniture have flowers or geometric shapes.  This will help you decided if you should look at traditional or contemporary patterned fabrics.  Lastly, consider the role you want your window treatment is play in your overall décor.  What I mean is, do you want it blend into the existing or do you want a WOW factor where the window treatment becomes a focal point of your space? While there are lots of other considerations, these basic ones are an excellent way to help your workroom narrow down your fabric choices and create a fun and exciting process!!

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