April 24, 2017


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Ok, let’s be completely honest: Custom widow treatments are NOT inexpensive. Their hand-crafted beauty and durability does come with a price higher than your typical store=purchased pre-made drapery.  However, do not feel overwhelmed, here are three ways to help manage the cost.

First, if you have existing hardware that you either like or can live with, keep it.  New drapery rods, medallions, rings, etc. can add hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to a window treatment project.  If you are getting stationary draperies with a top treatment like a valance, opt to have the valance mounted to a 1×4 board.  This way, the stationary side draperies can be either mounted directly to the board under the valance or you can use a cheapo extension curtain rod.  The same can be done with a cornice.

Second, don’t choose a fabric that has a bigger price tag than your wallet.  Generally, you will need less fabric yardage if the you choose a solid rather than a patterned fabric because you have to match a patterned fabric across all window treatments.  Also, don’t be lead astray by the IDEA of linen and silk fabrics.  They are expensive and need to be hand-stitched which can add, literally, thousands of dollars to the labor cost.  There are MANY beautiful faux silk and faux linen fabrics that have the same luxurious look and feel of their expensive counterparts and only you (and your wallet) will know the difference J

Lastly, if light control and privacy are a primary concern, try a mix of manufactured shades from companies like Hunter Douglas and then use the custom treatments to beautify and soften the space.  Generally, manufactured products like blinds and roller shades are less expensive than custom made fabric shades and provide great privacy, light control and, in some cases, energy efficiency.  Combining these with stationary side panels with tie-backs or top treatment styles to tie the room together and add a touch of your personal style.

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