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There is limited time available to entertain our friends and family the way that we imagine these days.  The scene opens with a server moving around the room with hot Hor D’ourves perfectly garnished with dill sprigs standing outstretched and sprinkled with exotic Hungarian paprika.  We create a vision that uses our loveliest and most fragile china to display beef wellington and lobster terrain with truffle sauce mouse individually molded onto each plate. And standing in the background are your guests “wowing” in mellow drama!

That kind of entertaining is certainly available when employing a premier service.  At Get It Done, CT, we execute full themed and styled events right down to the essence of your unique personality, however, to give my audience a “do it yourself” instruction, I offer an alternative.   Become the creator and consider the DESSERT PARTY.  Go elegant and impressive and you can still use all your special serving pieces to display an arrangement of elegant and colorful treats for a memorable celebration in half the time.

The following outline is an easily managed dessert celebration indoors or out.

Create the Atmosphere

Fresh cut flowers and branches in any kind of vessel, including old coffee cans for a vintage feel, jars, crystal vases or even milk pales.  Cover your tables with more than one tablecloth slanted in different directions to show layers.  Use several colors and patterns to create interest.  Set small votive candles in rolled down wax bags around the table for the evening.   If outdoors, have glass globe covers handy to protect food from pests. Choose different and various platters and displays.  Be sure to include at least one double-tiered server to create varying heights.  


Limit choices to only 5 items that you can do well.  Choose mini glass trifle cups to build simple chocolate, pudding, crème trifles.  Bake your favorite cookies half dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with colored shots.  Have one kind of cupcake with dollops of frosting and a small decoration.  Include everyone’s favorites lemon squares and mini cheesecakes with fruit topping.


A small offering for the non-sweet eater at the dessert party. Create a cheese platter with 4 very distinguished cheeses, French bread, olives and fruit.  Be sure to garnish the platter with bunches of herbs and a olive oil decanter.  Add 2 kinds of small quiche cups and decorate with edible flower buds. Dessert plates can be a collection of unique and non-matching pieces of China, which can be found readily at antique and thrift shops.  Add matching napkins to make complete.


Wine spritzers, Prosecco, Cote du Rhone, Sauvignon Blanc and Coffee


Complete the day or evening with appropriate music downloaded to your iPod and name the play list for future entertaining.

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